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Basic Book Formatting Fiction full novels, short stories, novella, previews. Jones Media offers services that converts completed manuscripts in Word files (only) to create .ePubs, and .mobi and pdf files (print/paperback) includes, Table of Contents, testing all embedded links along with an embed cover image. Plus Jones Media can include additional embedded images (extra charge). Add social media links and back list too.

Most major online book stores accepts Epubs, Mobi for Kindle and PDF for paperback.

Additional changes requested by the author will be charged by the hour. You will receive a quote.

Nonfiction books priced by the project.

Approved files are delivered to the Author via Dropbox at no charge.

Basic Ebook and Paperback design using royalty free stock images start at $150.00.

Image purchases from third party vendors may incur additional charges based on licensing agreements with the image source.

Jones Media prefers to buy the image to ensure proper copyrights of the artist are protected. Authors providing images must send a notarized copy releasing the image to the author.

Our covers are priced competitively.

Jones Media does not offer illustration but will refer authors to sources.

Please contact for scheduling. We book in advance, but we will try to accommodate rush orders priced with your quote.




Book Covers, Social Media Ads and Formatting


Our foundation is in the fundamentals of communication strategies. Jones Media is known for building and positioning brands while maximizing the exposure for our clients.


Jones Media works with your advertising budgets. You know up front about our rates. No hidden charges or fees.